Becoming the 1% – why I do what I do.

Since getting into coaching several years ago after realising that my career in carpentry/joinery wasn’t going to give me that sense of achievement that I wanted from my working life and then subsequently having my new career in football become an all-encompassing lifestyle I’m realising more and more what I was looking for in my new career, and that is helping other like minded people find their extra 1% everyday. As I develop my coaching skills I’m becoming more and more interested and driven by the human element of it and not just the football itself – results and the technical development of the player and the squad is massively important of course, however helping the players become the best they can be all-round and as individuals is by far more important in my eyes. 

In my experience the players that buy into the process as opposed to the end goal are generally the ones that succeed and develop really well as players and as people….I feel this is the same when coaching, developing and helping players and developing myself along the way as a whole is when I get the most satisfaction and feel the most achievement as a coach.
The more I coach the more I realise that coaching points, session plans, and qualifications are literally just the beginning when it comes to effective coaching – it’s getting inside a players head and working out what makes them tick that’s the real challenge and the most enjoyable thing in my mind – this is the hard bit and this is the bit that I believe is the most important, this for me is what makes the real difference to a players development – “It’s in the things that you don’t see”.